1. Queenslander

From the recording Common Lot

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Jimmy Dowling: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Matt Walker: Guitar
Tony Hargraves: Piano Accordion


In along rusty tracks,
the blue stone’s holding lichen,
away there in the cane,
is a queenslander decaying.

The trucks have replaced the trains,
‘the depot’ and the station.
Swallows return again,
to their castle of wood decaying.

The ‘Irish curtains’ are in the windows,
full of spiders, dust, and flies.
That kettle’s whistling again,
now that I happened by.

When the weathers’ driven in from the east,
see the cane rolling like the sea,
and there you are high and dry.

Camp out on the verandah,
listening to the rain on a roof of tin.
There’s treasure ‘beneath them boards’
of cedar and black bean.