Jimmy Dowling's music has a raw but skilled quality throughout. It's authentic, confident, and engages your attention in its emotive, visual language. You'll find a nostalgic empathy and visceral reflection of the everyday, of the everyman. The tracks are poetic in lyrics and music, pushing boundaries and expectations. Dowling's strong delivery shines beyond the mediocre to touch your imagination. His precise selection of elite Australian musicians lifts this album onto the international stage.

Jimmy’s new album is the perfect example of true “soulcraft”….Listening to ‘Common Lot’ is like stumblimg across a lovingly built artefact in some out of the way store – something you can cherish but which others might never have the joy of witnessing…Common Lot might have arrive unheralded but it is beautifully crafted and, if you were wavering, can make you believe in the power (of) music again.’ (Rhythms magazine Aug 2012)