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Dead Reckoning video by Christian Pyle from the latest album "Sociable Sounds"


"Jimmy Dowling is authentic and original... I love this album" 
- Don Walker
"Jimmy's got a lot of stories to tell, and tells them his own way - with strong words and a steady hand" 
- Jeff Lang
"A modern day Dickensian folk blues artist and a friend of mine" 
- Matt Walker 
A ballad singing song slinger, whose worked around the world on land and sea. A story teller, who writes with the keen eye of a poet and whose music could be the spawn of a sea shanty and a jazz standard. 
Fond of the slower tempos and  waltzes, Jimmy Dowling blends the overtones of a jazz sensibility with simple structures, and possesses an uncommon lonely magic. He's known for a conciseness and depth of lyric, a healthy use of space in the instrumentation and a natural swing in the vocal delivery.